About JTA

About JTA

About Japan Toilet Association (JTA)
Shiohiko Takahashi, Honorary Chairman of Japan Toilet Association / Prof. Emeritus of Kanagawa Univ.

Toilets are essential facilities in the place where people gather. Then without toilets, people
can’t get together. It is said they are used almost 200,000 times in one lifetime.
Consequently, the toilets are important facilities and spaces in the daily society.

It has been almost 35 years passed since Japan Toilet Association (JTA) was founded in
1985. It started by reviewing public toilets and aiming for Best Toilets in Japan” in school,
mountain and river side area, medical and welfare, disaster scene, sightseeing places, as
well as the issues of maintenance and normalization. Now it can be said that Japanese
toilets are beautiful and excellent by all member efforts such as in the international
conferences. It must be worth the effort and we feel satisfaction.

It is amazing the constant research and technological improvement by the related

manufacturers companies. These must be always pursuits of

aesthetics based on


Japanese cleanliness, morals, and sense of values. It can be said that it also aims at
human formation. Through the gradually understanding it in the society and the appreciation by people, the importance of toilets has become people’s common sense. It
was pulled out from A child in the shadow to A child in sunny place, and it becomes a bright matter from negative to positive.

Continuity is a Power and Innovation is always essential. The future activities of JTA
must create a “Toilet Philosophy Moral” that calls for “Human-Friendly Toilets and
Sustainable Environment Formation” based on the original intention,