Introduction of Good Toilet Commendation

● Goal “Good Toilet Commendation” was established with the goal of praising the parties involved in the cultural activities of the toilet, creating the environment and fostering further improvement. This is the 13th time in 2021 and the quality of works has improved year by year and it is still growing. We will consider online method of the call for submission, announcement and screening because of COVID-19.

● Target of the Commendation
This commendation widely covers those; toilet culture research, book and video creation, dissemination activities, education, wastewater treatment, toilet space design, equipment, building materials, etc. In addition, it includes the results and practical activities of new attempts of cleaning management, proposals, and usability improvement.

● Qualified applicant requirements
Non-members of the Japan Toilet Association (JTA) are also allowed to apply. The applicants include a wide range of fields such as toilet installers, designers, builders, manufacturers, maintenance workers, authors, publishers, dissemination activists, educators, and also the general public.

● Application method
・ Please describe in Japanese or English.
・ The application fee is free of charge.

● Selection method
■ Details
・Good Toilet Commendation… 5 cases among the submitted works which comply with the selection purpose with high score points.
・ Honorable Mention Commendation… 5 cases work as the next selection of Good Toilet Commendation.
・ Committee Choice Commendation… A few cases by the selection committee recommendations with the scored points.
■ Examination method
The selection committee in Japan Toilet Association (JTA) will discuss and decide based on the score points by the association members, symposium participants, and WEB participants. Judges, directors and other voters are eligible to hold different weighted score points.



選奨・・ 5点(応募作品の中から、選奨の趣旨に合い、かつ得点が高いもの)
入選・・ 5点(次点としての作品)