Good Toilet Commendation by the Japan Toilet Association (JTA)

Good Toilet Commendation by the Japan Toilet Association (JTA)

Sachiko Azai / Design Office Gondola and Steering Committee Member of JTA

1. Background of the toilet commend
“Toilet-peer Association”, the predecessor of the current Japan Toilet Association (JTA) was established in 1984. At that time, Saga Kiyotaki in Kyoto was a district of a local village in the mountains with the valley of the Kiyotaki River. It must be naturally beautiful scenic place, however there were lots of scattered garbage and public toilets were also dirty. This was the beginning, and the momentum for the Japan Toilet Association was established in 1985 to encourage clean toilets and raise morals. This is an activity to openly solicit, evaluate and commend for the toilets which are nominated as a proud of local area in Japan. This commendation was named “Good Toilet 10.” This activity has continued for about 15 years, and totally more than 1,000 applications have been received. After that, it was suspended for a while, and restarted in 2009 in the form of “Good Toilet Commendation” proposed by Vice Chairman Shiohiko Takahashi at that time and now Honorary Chairman/Advisor.

2. Activity Substance and Purpose
The basic concept is “Environmental Maintenance and Activities for Everyone to Use the Toilet Comfortably”, as well as the importance on cleaning and maintenance, which are essential for sustainable and clean use.

3. Selection process method and selection member
Once “Good Toilet 10” focused mainly on toilet hardware facility. Afterwards in “Good Toilet Commendation”, the category was expanded to include toilet software such as the activities of cleaning and maintenance.

4. Good trial and effect on improving Japanese toilets
In 2015 JTA published “Toilet Encyclopedia” by former Chairman Takahashi as the editorial chairman. The encyclopedia introduces some of the excellent toilets in Japan. JTA conferred “Toilet Commendation Plate” to winners such as local governments while “Good Toilet 10” era. It was effective to appeal because it behaved just like “World Heritage” icon.

5. Introducing a very good memory
Kujukuri Beach in Chiba Prefecture is a mecca for surfing. There is a public toilet and I thrilled to observe the surfers who are natural lovers use the toilet as carefully as they can do. I am also impressed when I encounter the scene where a local government is proudly installing the “Toilet Commendation Plate” to their public toilet.

6. Further Activities
Regarding Good Toilet Commendation, as the category of toilets expands, there occurred an issue what criteria should be applied to compare different fields such as design works, activities for good maintenance, academic research, etc. to confer this commendation. Furthermore, the “Toilet Commendation Plate” must be an effective tool for revitalization and encourage applicants and if possible to resume to gift it to contributors.




浅井佐知子 グッドトイレ選奨選定委員会委員長

1. トイレ選奨の経緯

2. 活動の主旨と目的

3. 選考方法(プロセス)と選考メンバー構成

4. 今までの状況・やってみて良かった事とその効果、即ち日本のトイレが良くなって行くその効果

5. 記憶に残るとても良い事例の紹介

6. 今後の方向性