JTA International Committee

Japan Toilet Association (JTA ) International Committee


Goal: Exchange information with overseas as well as introduce Japanese toilet culture and the vision.


Reasons for establishment:

Honorary Chairman of JTA, Shiohiko Takahashi proposed that “It is worth activities that JTA will disseminate the Japanese developed toilet culture, technology and design to overseas and contribute to the improvement of the sanitary toilet environment in the world.” Following to the concept, it is also proposed to inaugurate an International Toilet Network where JTA will develop relationships with overseas organizations and institutions for information exchange.


Representative: Shiohiko Takahashi; Honorary Chairman and Advisor of JTA, Head of JTA International Committee

Inauguration Date: June 2020



  1. Introduce JTA activities by means of JTA website which can be accessible from all over the world
  2. Disseminate Japanese toilet culture by JTA to the world
  3. Introduce overseas information to JTA domestic members
  4. Create an exchange base with toilet organizations and institutions in the world






目的: 海外との積極的交流及び情報交換と日本のトイレ文化の情報提供

発足理由;高橋前会長の「ここまで発達した日本のトイレ文化(技術とデザイン)を、今や海外に発信し、世界の衛生環境改善に資するのが必然である。海外の国と地域と平等互恵の関係を持つInternational Toilet Network を構築して情報交換を会いたい」との発意による。

代表;高橋志保彦 日本トイレ協会名誉会長 兼 顧問, 国際委員会委員長

発足:  2020年6月


1. 海外からJTAのHPにアクセスできるようにすることによって、JTAの活動を伝える

2. 海外にJTAからトイレ文化を発信する。(International Toilet Network スタジオ)

3. 海外の情報をJTA会員に伝える

4. 海外のトイレ関係団体との交流