TOILETPIA Group started with various positional and occupational people in order to
discuss about toilet issues. The next year, on May 15, 1985 Japan Toilet Association (JTA)

・January, 1986
1st National Toilet Symposium was held at Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture. On that occasion
Toilet Day on November 10 was proclaimed.

Japanese-French Toilet Forum was held at Trianon Palace

Established Maintenance Study Group as the importance of maintenance for toilet was


“Kobe International Toilet Symposium” was held as the first international toilet conference in the world.


Asia-Pacific regional public toilet seminar was held in Hong Kong.


Toilet Volunteers were organized at Hanshin-Awaji Earthquakes


Established “School Toilet Study Group.”


Established “Normalization Toilet Study Group”


Established “Next Generation Toilet Study Group”


First World Toilet Summit was held in Singapore.


“School Toilet Forum” was held with four cities in Japan including Kobe and Nagoya


Exhibited “Toilet Exploration Hall” at Aichi Expo


“Toilet Information Network at Disaster” was organized to exchange information and goods in case of disaster


“Toilet & Environmental Improvement Support Workshop for Developing Countries” was held.


Activities to survey the possibilities of toilet advertisement


Relaunching activities by dividing into two groups: “Japan Toilet Association (JTA)”, which aims to create a toilet culture, and “NPO Japan Toilet Research Institute,” which aims at social business by toilets.


Toilet survey after the East Japan Earthquakes

Symposium of “Disaster and Toilet” was held.


UNICEF declared November 19 is “World Toilet Day”

Established “Toilet Culture Study Group”


Cooperated with “Toilet? Go Toilet!” exhibition at Miraikan


“30th Anniversary Forum” was held,

Published “Toilet Encyclopedia”


Toilet support at the Kumamoto Earthquakes,

Relaunched general incorporated association “Japan Toilet Association”

Promotion of disaster prevention / disaster toilet issues
It is surveyed toilet stockpile in the event of a disaster.
It turned out that a stockpile rate was about 15.5% and 84.5% of people did not prepare stockpile. Entrusted with “Public Toilet Survey” from Yokohama City

Promoted “Good Toilet Campaign” for inbound tourists and 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

Disaster / Temporary Toilet Study Group was established
Created a draft about Japan Toilet Vision
Prepared a survey report on toilet-related administration by the local government

There was a change of chairman, director, and steering committee member
Because of pandemic of COVID-19, JTA meetings applied telework and online meetings, from the beginning of the year.
Established “International Committee Group”