Good Toilet nomination 2020


NO title Applicant Overview
LOHAS flower toilet without electricity, water and drain Kazunori NAKANO, Atsushi HASHIMOTO (College of Engineering, Nihon University) LOHAS Flower Toilet is a self-supporting toilet equipped with a purification unit to regenerate the flush water. The only energy required is the power to pump water, and it can be driven either by renewable energy or human power. It possible then to provide a sustainable and comfortable flush toilet without depending on water, sewage and electricity.
Since no wastewater is generated by reusing the wash water, it can be used in places where it is difficult to discharge the treated water. Furthermore, the purification unit becomes a flowerbed of the foliage plants in the unit. This flowerbed becomes a resource recycling that effectively utilizes the fertilizing ingredients contained in the washing water and provides healing atmosphere to toilet users.
LOHAS means Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability. Therefore LOHAS Flower Toilet includes a flower bed that does not burden the environment and heals human feelings and provides a sustainable flush toilet, then solves the problem of flush toilets that depend on infrastructure and location.
Now we wish to spread LOHAS toilet ideas.
2 A new proposal on the public restrooms “Alternative Toilet” Yuta Ishihara, Haruyuki Nakamura, Ai Ito, LIXIL Corporation
There is a debate about diversity of making all gender restrooms meaning regardless of gender. However there are some issues that all gender restrooms on the street are not always comfortable for everyone.
In order to solve the question well, a new office of LIXIL in HOSHI Building was built in October 2019 with a selective restroom to be used by everyone. A display monitor at the restroom entrance to inform the vacancy booth mentions “Please choose your favorite booth.” Normally most people would enter the men’s or women’s restroom without any hesitation. However, it is recognized that some people are perplexed, stopped and occasionally gave up using it.
With the Alternative Toilet, Lixil proposes a new public restroom that lets facilities think outside of conventional “gender”, “all gender” and “handicap” parameters, and choose better and more flexible options for how men, women, adults, children, elderly and handicapped persons.
3 A Toilet not to Abide Using in the Evacuation Center -A Development of a Toilet Container (WALET-TC20BF) for Anyone to Use with Peaceful Mind- WALET JAPAN co.,ltd Wallet Japan will provide toilet container support to the disaster areas. Many people hate to use dirty, odorous, dark, scary, and broken toilets at the evacuation shelters. Then there occurs a problem that they tend to be refraining from eating and drinking, and suffered from Economy-class Syndrome and lead to die eventually. A clean toilet is essential to protect the human life and dignity.
The toilet containers are manufactured for the people with weak legs, wheelchair users, and ostomates due to problems by steps, layout and equipment.
This time, we developed an electric elevator and a warm water washer for ostomates so that wheelchair users and ostomates can use the toilet container comfortably. The warm water washing toilet seat is already standard for Western style toilets. It is a “Toilet container that anyone can use with peaceful mind without abiding for the toilet in an evacuation center.” It can be quickly transported and easily installed without lifelines such as the water supply, sewage and electricity.
4 Nagasaki is an Attractive Tourist Spot Tenshu Park Public Toilet Illuminates Everyone HARUMI TAKENAKA minnaniyasasi toilet meeting
Regional Maintenance Division 1
Building Division
Facilities Division
We worked with the government to renovate public toilets from the user’s point of view to create “Friendly Toilet for Everyone.”
Angelus bell in Urakami Cathedral, which withstood of the atomic bomb and still tells the time. Tenshu Park Public Toilet is located nearby. However the toilet was over 20 years old, dirty with filthy smell. There was a risk of crime as few people pass at night. It is an irregular two-story building, as the first floor faced to the park whereas the second floor faced to the road and the inside is not connected both sides. The multipurpose unisex toilets facing to the road were badly mischievous and the cribs left in broken. There was no security buzzer. Then local people wish to renovate of the toilet since it is located in a park where many children play.
Therefore we started workshop participated by local people and created the project theme, “Tenshu Park with Light” in order to illuminate everyone’s feelings. There are casualness and easy-to-use usability in every corner. Now we proud of the public toilet with gentle pastel colors and illumination even at night.
5 DaiyaGate Ikebukuro Client: Seibu Railway Co., Ltd.
Project agent: Seibu Properties Inc.
Architectural Design Department:Nikken Sekkei
Diagate Ikebukuro was built in the site of the former head office building of Seibu Railway. This is the first 100m-high office building in Japan that straddles over the railway (Seibu Ikebukuro Line). The exterior building design is based on a train timetable diagram with the structural seismic braces.
The building owner requested the location of the toilet to be the most scenic location overlooking the railroad tracks in order to enhance the amenities in the office.
There are six items of attractiveness of the toilet.
1. A mirror is installed not to hinder the open view in order to ensure a good view with fine feeling.
2. A glass sleeve wall is applied in order to brighten the inside of the booth.
3. Unified with a pure corner cut design to harmonize the original building shape.
4. Toilet bowls are lined up in a row in order to change depending on the floor plan.
5. It is saved about 75% of the annual expenses by applying a saving toilet (3.8L / time), reusing water and air conditioning drains.
6. Awarded the highest rank S in CASBEE smart wellness office certification by improved comfort and maintenance of toothpaste balls.
6 Utilization of toilet diagnosis for 10 years -Trials by Hokuriku Expressway (NEXCO Central Japan, Kanazawa Branch)- Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited, Kanazawa Branch
Central Nippon Highway Maintenance Hokuriku Company Limited
NEXCO Central Japan Kanazawa Branch tries to improve cleaning technology by conducting “Toilet Diagnosis Survey” every year for 10 years. It is to find the problems of daily cleaning work so that customers can use toilet facilities more comfortably.
Previously the reputation of highway restroom toilet by customers was not good. When the toilet diagnosis was started in 2011, total 30 problems were pointed out. However, by continuous toilet diagnosis every year, the awareness of the area cast members has favorably changed and the cleaning technique improved significantly. Consequently the number of problems has decreased year by year, and this year 2020 only five items were pointed out. It is the first time in 2013 the number of compliments exceeded complains and requests. Then the compliments keep on increasing since then.
Recognizing that the toilet is also an essential part of the trip, we will continue to work on daily cleaning to welcome customers with a spirit of hospitality.
7 「Disaster countermeasures for Kids」 ~Toilet education in the event of a disaster for elementary school pupils (The On-line class)~ Minami Kaneko
Mushugen Industries Co.,Ltd.
Sales Division
Have you ever wondered, “How will be processed the drainage from the toilet?” and “How will it be cleaned?”
The disasters occur frequently now and people start to worry about environmental issues. By learning about the toilet at this opportunity, we can find something new.
We held a science experiment online class “Toilet Disaster Prevention Kids” so that pupils can enjoy learning even during the Corona disaster prevention school. The goal was to make them acquire the wisdom to help them from the toilet situation in the event of a disaster. The experiments on the toilet were to consider about two situations at normal and disaster time.
Finally we will continue to make unremitting efforts and challenges in order to realize “Safe Toilet” where anyone can use the toilet peacefully in anytime and anywhere.
8 Efforts to Wisely Use the Highway Toilet Shiori IMAI(Central Nippon Highway Engineering Tokyo Company Limited)
Saki Shimaura, Kouji Yamamoto, Yuji Ito(Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited)
NEXCO Central Japan, Tokyo Branch has distributed the toilet functions at the Rest Areas  on the expressways based on the recommendations to categorize toilets given by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLITT). These functions, various styles of toilets, include “Multifunctional Toilet”, “Family Toilet”, “Large Booth” and “Normal Booth” in men’s and women’s toilets in SA.
In recent years, however, it has been pointed out that the frequent use of multi-toilet by the elderly and children make the chance of use by disabilities much fewer.
To solve the issue the NEXCO Tokyo installed additional multi-toilets at E1 Tomei Expressway Ebina SA as the exclusive use of disabilities in order to effectively separate the use of family with children. Moreover we tried to install a simplified function which can also accommodate a wheelchair in the normal booth.
9 i-MOVEMENT project initiatives Utilization of 3D platform for management and maintenance of the toilet inside Yuji Ito, Naoto Yoshitani, Hanako Araki, Atsushi Umayahara, Kouji Yamamoto(Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited) NEXCO Central Japan promotes an innovative project “i-MOVEMENT” that will contribute to the evolution of expressway mobility by applying cutting-edge ICT and robotics technology.
We developed a street-view 3D platform in 54 toilets during one year time and started to use it for toilet maintenance.
We will report that the following effects were confirmed on the WEB.
(1) Visually confirmation of the situation such as the appearance on the movement line by the pictogram of the toilet, which is useful for the guidance plan in a continuous space.
(2) Visually check in details such as how to attach sanitary fixtures.
(3) Centralized management of inspection results of many devices.
(4) Improvement toilet construction management with applying dimensional information.
Consequently we realized these effects by the introduction and the sophistication of the expressway toilet maintenance.
10 -Yodoyabashi2020- Project Okuyama Maki、Keihan Electric Railway Co.,Ltd. Keihan Electric Railway is promoting renewals on toilets as a part of Customer Satisfaction (CS) since 2015. This is an introduction of the Yodoyabashi Station toilet renewal in FY2020.
Yodoyabashi Station is the last one on the Keihan Main Line in Osaka as an underground station, used by about 93,000 passengers every day. The previous toilet was 28 years old, and there were some problems such as steps of the toilet entrance without barrier-free. Then we decided to move the toilet to the next building to solve these problems.
In the renewal, we decided a concept “Toilet with High Quality and Universality” with considering many remaining historical buildings around the station among the office district.
As a feature of the toilet, we planned to illuminate the ceiling of about 3 meters high with the indirect lighting by a louver. A large mirror was installed on the partial wall surface in order to make look spaciously.
11  Itabashi 10th Elementary School Renovation in 2018 in Itabashi-ku Mayor of Itabashi city Takeshi Sakamoto ① Role of school toilet under budget limitation
School toilet must be an enjoyable and comfortable place, but budgets are limited. Therefore, we selected a long sheet floor material and inexpensive decorative ceramic board for the wall for its durability and stain resistance in consideration of aging deterioration.
② School toilet plan
The toilet is named as “A crossing point in the Toilet”, (a) Enhanced size, ventilation, brightness, stylization, etc. (b) Ensured natural lighting with large windows. (c) Set up a place for children washing their hands and drinking with friendly communication.
③ Toilet space color plan at Itabashi 10th Elementary School
Based on the concept of “Colorful Change along with Children’s Growth”, we created a color plan that links the process of children’s physical and mental growth with the color features. The toilets for each grade are painted with the three colors combination which is composed of accent colors to create a rich and deep space of the toilets.
12 Research on the Proper Number of Sanitary Fixtures -Factors in Occupancy Increase Time through the Survey Data- Mikiko Takahashi (COMANY INC.)
Atsushi Hikita (Vector Research Institute,Inc.)
Have you ever felt that the toilet is crowded recently? Women’s toilets have been lined up even before, however recently we hear there are also long queue at men’s toilet booths in the stations and offices.
The public toilet, which was sometimes called 3K, has been changed from just a place of excretion to a comfortable space where users change their mood, for instance it becomes a space for changing clothes and a powder corner in a Western-style toilet bowl. It can be said that the use purpose of the toilet has changed accordingly, and the occupancy time in the booth must be increasing.
The current booth number calculation standard (SHASE-S206-2009 water supply and drainage sanitary equipment standards and commentary) was enacted in Showa era just for Japanese style toilets.
Therefore, the factors behind the increase in booth occupancy time were analyzed in order to review the calculation standard by means of sensors which were installed at six toilet booths at stations, airports, offices, and universities to measure the toilet booth occupancy time.