2020 Good Toilet Commendation Yoshihiko Kawauchi, Vice Chairman of the Japan Toilet Association (JTA)

2020 Good Toilet Commendation
Yoshihiko Kawauchi, Vice Chairman of the Japan Toilet Association (JTA)

So far the Good Toilet Commendation were selected by combining the JTA committee members voted and the general voting by the participants at the toilet symposium. This year it was also permitted to vote by WEB site with opening them on JTA homepage in advance.

There were 16 entries for the selection, and five “Good Toilet Commendation” and five “Honorable Mention Commendation” were selected. In addition, two works which were particularly reputable in the general vote were “Committee Choice Commendation.” Basically those selections do not pursue to compete for ranking.

The submitted works covered a wide range of topics such as eco-friendliness, evacuation in the event of a disaster, maintenance, ease of use, and congestion relief, and people will concern about toilets widely in the society.

[Good Toilet Commendation] The five works selected as follows;

“LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) Flower Toilet, which does not require electricity, water and draining” is a toilet that does not depend on water and sewage and electricity. It includes a temporary toilet with a purification unit, and it does not affect nature, such as in a mountain area. Currently actual experiments are underway and we wait for the practical use.

“A new public toilet proposal Alternative toilet” is an inclusive toilet that can be comfortably used by a wider range of people with gender minorities of increasing interest in recent years. It is a setting that users are free to choose among men’s, women’s and common spaces. It is expected to be a trial considering the future of toilets.

“3D platform application of the inside the toilet to manage maintenance (i-MOVEMENT project)” is utilizing “Street View format” with omnidirectional images for toilet maintenance without looking at the drawing diagrams. It becomes to be possible to respond inquiries from customers immediately with visually confirmation by means of this method. This is a novel trial to the toilet maintenance with applying Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

“Municipal Itabashi 10th Elementary School Reconstruction Work in 2018” is a review of the inside toilet colors along with children growth and it is designed peaceful and calm toilet for the children. Recently there are notable ideas for school toilets environment.

“A study on the proper number of sanitary fixtures: Factors of increase occupancy time in booth” proves a habit change of the toilet use by many surveys. In recent years, the usage time of toilets has become longer. There are insufficiently studied about the actual state of toilet use and there is a discrepancy in the calculating formula of the number of toilet bowls. This survey investigated the actual reason and suggested several factors such as western style bowls, warm water washing bowls and the smartphones operation in the booth.

[Honorable Mention Commendation] The fives are selected as follows;

“A Toilet without waiting long at the evacuation place” is a container type toilet equipped with a built-in generator and pump. The toilet for the evacuation place can be used in the time of a disaster as a comfortable space in the site. Normally temporary toilets tend to be inferior, however hopefully more such devised comfortable toilets will be introduced.

“Tourist attracting place Nagasaki. The lighted Public Toilet in Tenshu Park.” It was renovated from a lonely and inferior toilet at a tourist attraction in Nagasaki into a bright and comfortable toilet with collaborations of the citizens and Nagasaki City government. This is a successful example that the enthusiasm of the citizens moved the city government.

“Toilet diagnosis efforts for ten years by NEXCO Central Japan, Kanazawa Branch.” This is a report of toilet maintenance by the Central Nippon Expressway (NEXCO Central Japan) for many years. Through toilet diagnosis for ten years and reflecting it to the maintenance, there are significantly increasing numbers of praises from the users. This must be the result by daily effort accumulation.

“Toilet, disaster prevention and kids’ is an online class for a toilet use education to elementary school pupils.” It is a practical report that children can study by online how to use the toilet about the disaster prevention. Although there are some evacuation drills in case of a disaster, it is a valuable program because there are few opportunities to learn about toilets of such situation.

“A trial of wisely use of the toilets at the highway parking area.” This is a report that solves the disperse improvement in use of the toilets that there are more non-wheelchair users than wheelchair users at wheelchair-accessible toilets. Since the actual usage of toilets changes gradually, continuous trials are expected.

[Committee Choice Commendation] “DiayaGate Ikebukuro, Bright space with Prime view” and “Yodoyabashi Station” are both examples of advanced toilet design. “DiaGate Ikebukuro” is an example of newly built construction, and “Yodoyabashi Station” is refurbishment. When selecting, normally tend to be evaluated functional efforts, however this time it seems that both toilets were evaluated for the high quality in functionality as well as the beautiful design.

This time total 16 works were submitted, and fives among them are from the Central Nippon Expressway and the subsidiaries. Until now this tendency is the same in every year, and I appreciate the company’s contribution to Good Toilet Commendation. Particularly this year, there is a report of a practical example in Nagasaki in the local community. It is also noted that continued interest in toilets and maintenance at the evacuation place. Through selection process, it reminds us that the current toilets in Japan have been accumulated by such daily efforts.



2020グッドトイレ選奨 【講評】
日本トイレ協会副会長 川内美彦











「10年間にわたるトイレ診断の活用について~北陸自動車道(NEXCO中日本 金沢支社)の取り組み~」は、中日本高速道路(NEXCO中日本)の長年のトイレメンテナンスの積み重ねの報告である。10年にわたってトイレ診断を行い、それをメンテナンスに反映してきたことで、利用客からほめてもらうことが非常に増えたという。日々の努力のたまものと言えるだろう。



特別奨の「ダイヤゲート池袋 DaiyaGate Ikebukuro Bright space with Prime view」と「淀屋橋駅 -Yodoyabashi 2020-」はいずれも先進的なトイレの設計例で、「ダイヤゲート池袋」は新築の例、「淀屋橋駅」は改修の例である。グッドトイレの選定にあたっては、機能面の取り組みがより高く評価される傾向があるが、この両者は機能面でも美しさの面でも高い質を持っていることが評価されたものと思われる。