JIS A 5207 Sanitary wares

There is toilet standard; “JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) A 5207” by the Japanese Standards Association (JSA). The title of this standard is “Sanitary wares” and is about toilet bowls, urinals, basins, hand wash basins and slop sinks (hereinafter as ” sanitary fixture”).

Tracing the history of the standardization, JIS A 5207 about toilet equipment was requested to create by the Japan Restroom Industry Association (JSEIA) and initially compiled by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). This standard was first established in 1953 and has been revised 15 times up to the latest version of 19 November 2019. Currently there is no corresponding international standard and then it is an original standard in Japan.

Around 1953, when the first standardized was released, Japanese-style toilets were still the mainstream in Japan. Since Western bench style toilets are common now in Japan, in the latest version of the standard, these contents about Japanese-style toilets are described in the annex.

The outline of this standard is shown below.

・ Type and classification

・ Performance

Toilet bowls, urinals performance

Basins, hand wash basins withstand load performance

・ Shape / dimensions

Shape / dimensions and tolerance

・ material

Material type, pottery and resin quality

・ Test method

Material / performance test

・ Inspection

・ Indication

・ Others

・ Annex

Sanitary equipment fittings

Toilet bowl and water supply equipment

Japanese style toilet

Confirmation of drainage features of toilet bowl

Old and new technical comparison table

JIS P 4501 “Toilet Paper” is a related standard to this JIS A 5207.

The copyright belongs to the Japanese Standards Association (JSA), and then if you wish to have the details, you can purchase it from the following URL.

Currently, only the Japanese version is available.





日本産業規格JIS A 5207「衛生器具-便器・洗面器類(Sanitary wares)」

トイレに関係する規格としては,日本規格協会(JSA)から,日本産業規格JIS A 5207があります.この規格のタイトルは「衛生器具-便器・洗面器類」であり,大便器,小便器,洗面器,手洗器及び掃除流し(以下,器具という。)に関する内容です.

規格化の歴史を辿ると,当初に一般社団法人日本レストルーム工業会(JSEIA)から申出により,経済産業大臣が改正した日本産業規格であります.この規格は,最初は1953 年に制定され,その後15 回の改正を経て今日に至っています.直近の改正は2019 年11月19日に行われました.現時点で対応する国際規格は制定されていませんので,日本独自の規格です.



・ 種類及び区分

・ 性能



・ 形状・寸法


・ 材料


・ 試験方法


・ 検査

・ 表示

・ その他

・ 附属事項






なお関連規格としては,JIS P 4501 トイレットペーパーがあります.