Picture Book Infection Contorol against Covid-19

Currently Japan is facing the third wave of COVID-19 as well as the other countries and the number of infected people is increasing day by day unfortunately.

The number of infected people worldwide is 76,085,068, and the number of deaths is 1,682,143 (December 2020).

The situation is still unpredictable, although some countries have started vaccination.

Therefore it is quite important each person will understand COVID-19 disposition correctly.

Medical Dr. Masataka Shimotsuma of the Japanese Red Cross Toyota College of Nursing,

who is a colleague of JTA member, has created this “Picture Book; Infection Control against COVID-19.”

This time JTA appreciates the kind contribution of Dr. Shimotsuma.

We sincerely wish everyone in the world will refer to this “Picture Book” in order to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Picture Book ・ Infection Contorol against Covid-19 (PDF)